Friday, October 14, 2011

About Occupy Wall Street

Lately, I was thinking about how monetary system work, about the claims in Zeitgeist Movement, and scientific method. All these things I read, watch, and hear started to build up like a snow ball, while I have been pushed to have a job.

How Richard Feynman said about “Cargo Cult Science.”
What Michael Shermer wrote about belief system in “TheBelieving Brain.
How Carl Sagan’s Cosmos talked about “sees the earth as asingle organism
Also, the story in “Foundation And Earth” by Isaac Asimov, which is about the ultimate plan for human’s greater good.
At the same time, I was monitoring “Occupy Wall Street” and other similar movement around the US. Yeah, I think most of videos I saw on Youtube were pretty much pathetic. The point they should make is to spread messages, not to create mass with police.

But I wonder why they felt it is the fault of the top 1% but not the system. As “The Believing Brain” said, human need to personalize things happened around them in order to understand them, just like the old myths talks about winds, rains, volcanoes, earthquakes.
Human being should not be blamed. It is the system we set up long ago that we haven’t thinks much of.
I think people have faith in monetary system is just like religion, many great scientist in history assume the existence of god and unmovable heaven without ever question it. Isaac Newton not only explains how to calculate gravitation, but he also “saw God as the masterful creator whose existence could not be denied in the face of the grandeur of all creation”, and an alchemist. And it is Aristotle who helped to hold the dominant view that the earth is the center of universe for nearly 1300 years.

The ultimate question is: How can we know which thing we believe is relatively right or wrong?
How do we know the system itself is the cause, not individual in the system or other variables?

Scientific method is the best way we know, but it needs time.
I hope it is not too late.

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  1. What are you trying to accomplish? and why do you need more time?

  2. I mean the study of a new social system needs more time.
    And I'm not trying to accomplish anything yet