Monday, July 21, 2008

Solidified Brain

You know, sometimes you will meet someone old at a family party and have a little chat. At the beginning, you will find out that they seemingly have something to tell. But eventually, you will know they are so-called “solidified brain”. Because such people already made their brain solidified, which is nothing new in their brain, act like an old-fashion tape recorder and play their well-known old songs again and again and again.

That’s a bad feeling, especially when you must stick on the conversation for a while.

Anyway, my point is we have to frequently update our knowledge and keep thinking when we get older. Then we can let our next generation feel better when we talk to them. (Even though that’s not the only reason.)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Elevator Conversations

Living in a 60-floors building is a great experience especially when you meet someone has a sense of humor.

There was an ordinary day, ordinary morning. I and my brother took a big tray and want to 29th floor to ate our breakfast. Usually we will bring something back for others (that’s why we took the tray) so they don’t have to go there again. But when we recall that we left some raisin bread at home yesterday, we were already finished our breakfast. So we just put a cup of milk in the big tray, and took the elevator back. At the same time, a man holds his breakfast came in. He looked at our big tray and said “Oh, you lose something”, and pretended he is going to put his bread and drink in our tray.