Monday, August 29, 2011

Purpose of Life

So, what is the point of living a life? I mean, for all those people telling me what life is all about, none of them make sense for me. Having a big house to live so you can spend the whole weekend to clean up the shit? Having a car to drive so you can have the freedom to crash into another car someday and perhaps have a lucky kill? Having a fixed sex mate so one day you can get tired of and have a divorce, spend the rest of your life finding another person to get rid of, and watching movie all day trying to figure out why love cannot be forever? In the sense of happiness, money make little difference if it is enough to support the basic of living.  The pride of wealthiness disappear if you compare yourself with many more wealthy person.

There is no point in life. We are just a phenomenon happen on one point in this vast cosmos, just like lifeless dust, gas, planet, star, and galaxy. We create arbitrary purposes for ourselves because natural selection require us to do so.

And that's all I have to said after I drank a cup of coffee.

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