Thursday, January 22, 2009

Taylor Swift

Just about couple days after my final test ended, I run out of things to do. So I started to randomly look up files in my computer and listen to some country music. But after review almost all interesting movies, pictures, novels, and magazines. I feel boring again. I also tried to writing my blog that I abandon nearly half of the year. Unfortunately, that didn’t make me feel vital either.

But while I looked at the monitor wandering what to do, I saw winamp’s playlist showing “Taylor Swift – Our song” and didn’t even know who the singer is. So I look deep into the internet and find out that she is actually a very young and talented singer, began her successful career at the age of 16, win many fan voted awards like GAC’s.

I find out that the more I see videos about Taylor the more I being impressed by her. She is that kinds of people have their dream come true, but not act like she satisfies present accomplishment. She even filmed her self-made video and put it in her blog while she go around places singing her song in order to remind people to buy her new album. And most important of all, she is not only looks beautiful, but have special personalities.

What’s my point anyway?

I like her attitude of deal with things. I like every movement she sings. I like her mysterious smile. I can see her video like hundred times that I can still laugh.

I almost in love with her.

Here is Taylor Swift

"I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world"

-Taylor Swift - "A Place In This World"

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