Monday, January 19, 2009

End of Semester

Today is a boring day. Because I have to do a test which everyone can get 100 by just remember using 10 math equations, and I also have to talk to a professor asking about “the program”. The most boring part is finding the professor which I spent almost 3 hours to figured out that he is really hard man to reach. Unfortunately, the professor said that program is not his business anymore (which definitely “IS” his business at the beginning of the semester, because he told me I have to take a TOEFL before knowing further info).

So, I like an idiot thought I can go to U.S. through a convenient way by talking to a professor, but only wasted many time in the end (although it is my fault most of time, I still want to say “why can’t someone passes info more correctly?”). For those reason, I have to meet one of the TTU department again. Hope I can still catch the chance I missed.

Because if I can't, I will be very sad.

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