Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wallace & Maxwell

"Hey." "Are you there?" Wallace看著白的發亮的螢幕,對著在網路另一邊人說話,因為他無聊透了。 "Yes, What are you doing now?" "I'm doing nothing. I just want to find something to do!" "一綱一本共辦基測 郝龍斌:時程提前1年" "What's this?" "Just click it.." 而接下來的30分鐘,Wallace 都沒有回話,在浩瀚無際的網路上努力的搜尋各種有關一綱一本的各種資訊和各方角度的看法。最後,他關掉了最後一個網頁,剩下依然白亮的螢幕,深思。 "我知道這一切的原因了" "really? Show me, due." "這全部都是因為一個非常邪惡的陰謀!!" "A extremely "EVIL" conspiracy? You really know what you are talking about?" "是的,我知道" "而且" "我還知道是誰幹的" 這時,廚房傳來一陣具有心理上強制力的呼喚 "吃飯了~~" "I'm hungry now. Let's eat our dinner and talk later." "Yeah." Maxwell從他的房間走了出來開玩笑的拍了拍Wallace的屁股,說"瘋子才會在自己家裡用打字聊天吧?" "Yeah, but that's the way we always did." to be continued...

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