Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A piece of cake

I found myself in a position where I keep complaining constantly.

Complaining anything from education system to traffic, from weather to people, from cars to buildings. I just keep complaining almost everything that happened to me. I can’t find a way to stop it. Although I can keep my fake little smile on my face, I’m still not happy right now.

What about my exchange student plan? Think this way: you want to taste a cake, and it looks like really delicious. But you have thousands of people warm you it could contain heavy metal, radioactive wastes, and dog shit. Can you still feel cool to eating this?

But I think the life in America is gonna be just like a piece of cake.


  1. I can understand your feeling very well. After experiencing the life in America, it would be harder for you to get used to the normal life in Taiwan, although it has never been normal....

    My self have studied in Germany for 5 years. I just realized that our life is just a endless compromise, what we can do is trying to shut our eyes and convince ourselves that there is always a bright side in our life...and sometimes you'd find, the bright side really exist...

    wish you can be happier like I'm try to be..

  2. Thanks. For me, the bright side is there are always new things to experience.